Important question about umvc3 getting a patch thread

#1downtofrontpuncPosted 7/21/2013 10:00:50 PM
Does capcom even look over here on gamefaqs boards at all or are we posting on the wrong site because there's a lot of stuff I liked and thought would be legit?
#2PinkPikachuPosted 7/21/2013 10:01:43 PM

Probably not
#3downtofrontpunc(Topic Creator)Posted 7/21/2013 10:02:58 PM
Lol that really sucks
#4mookiecacaPosted 7/21/2013 10:08:12 PM
No they don't come to GameFAQS. That's why you go to the topic Karst made and post your ideas there. Ideas that are liked get posted on a different website which Capcom does read. I think.
#5KarsticlesPosted 7/21/2013 10:10:31 PM
I know that Capcom reads NeoGAF sometimes, because a Capcom employee once told me so.

I don't know if Capcom reads GFAQs.

Regardless, once the GAF patch is finalized I plan to post it here and on Capcom-Unity, and I will also tweet it out as a Google Doc to every big name at Capcom and Marvel.
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Most participated thank you
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