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Anybody wanna play? Need to level up my Chris/Strange/Ammy team. (Archived)Hiten Mitsurugi S612/17/2011
Forgive me, Wesker, for I have sinned... (Archived)Ebolatastic812/17/2011
How do you roll back after a knockdown? (Archived)Handsome_Kev512/17/2011
Did anyone else know Vergil could wall jump? (Archived)prosecutorPro612/17/2011
That Justin Wong vs Viscant match was hilarious. (Archived)DarkKirby2500612/17/2011
For those worried about online lag... (Archived)BluBlue4512/17/2011
They should make the lobbies SAME region by default (Archived)xQUEENOFLOVEHDx312/17/2011
Who did jwong use? (Archived)desolate_spence312/17/2011
So my internet got a hiccup while I was winning... (Archived)Tohno_Shiki512/17/2011
This should have been Wolverine's alt. (Archived)NicoGrimm412/17/2011
So what exactly does the Blue Chi do? (Archived)matrix0523912/17/2011
So Viscant did stick with Phoenix (Archived)
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what is ___ best move Day 22 Iron Fist (Archived)
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Why do ppl want Venom over Carnage? (Archived)
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Direct links to the recent SRKLive stream (Archived)Zekira612/17/2011
Any good simple bnb for Spider-man? (Archived)
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Rate this Godot moveset (Archived)
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Room says "Lets Chat" (Archived)NightMareBunny912/17/2011
How do I beat/counter wolverine? (Archived)G0RD0NDARF1012/17/2011
The probable reason why there's no H&H Offline VS (Archived)
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