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Damn that aiming system (Archived)Rozalia712/5/2011
I'm new, can someone help with terms? (Archived)moogle_dude712/5/2011
It pains me to say this THIS early, but... (Archived)Azumarill12777112/5/2011
How much money do you think it took to make Ultimate? (Archived)yamas11712/5/2011
When someone dies while in X-factor, what happens to the level? (Archived)Playstation_007712/5/2011
Fun Hulk BnB combo (Archived)
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Did the nerfs in ultimate do anything really? (Archived)MasterShot2k5712/5/2011
really all wesker needs is (Archived)lol_what712/5/2011
Goddamnit I KNOW this is possible! (Archived)loffter312/5/2011
Doubtful but would this make Phoenix less "trash" (Archived)Rozalia412/5/2011
The people who don't use Wesker are all dropping out of NEC. (Archived)
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Should have used CPS2 music for the Soundtrack... (Archived)ShinWesker412/5/2011
Lets take a guess on who's next (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
What is "salty"? (Archived)
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It's becoming hard to not think Phoenix Wright sucks (Archived)Playstation_007612/5/2011
C/D: Jill should be able to combo after MGS (Archived)rambos1999512/5/2011
Now I understand what they meant when they said "Strider doesn't fit the concept (Archived)yamas11212/5/2011
All 500 Missions DONE!!!!!!!! (Archived)
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Air Delta Kick reset with Felicia (Archived)Playstation_007612/5/2011
PRactice Matches? I'm not that good (Archived)xxterradarkxxx412/5/2011
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