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Anyone else have a troll acount on PSN? (Archived)
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Hiten Mitsurugi S1111/24/2011
Gimmick team: HELL BALL! (Archived)omegamarth711/24/2011
Anyone have combo vdeos for Stider and Zero? (Archived)Diet Water311/24/2011
How i done did does Zero lightning loops in the corner? (Archived)DarkJaydragon511/24/2011
So how do you fight Super Jump Spammers? (Archived)Playstation_007711/24/2011
is it just me or does frank west's theme sound crap compared to the rest... (Archived)
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Had the most hilarious thing today in Arcade mode... (Archived)Gameesh811/24/2011
Nova corps vs lantern corps. (Archived)
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Never played MVC but thinking of buying. (Archived)TheShadowGod611/24/2011
"All you do is shoot" (Archived)Lemalas611/24/2011
Love it that Wright has so many long animations on his moves ^^ (Archived)Gameesh111/24/2011
who won wnf (Archived)CelticsHomerPro811/24/2011
Dr. Light is in this game... More capcom trolling. (Archived)Zanmato555911/24/2011
What make anchor nova so good? (Archived)
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I'd pick old man logan alt custom over wolverine weapon X (Archived)fgjnfgh411/24/2011
Alt Costume-specific quotes (Archived)
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Something I'm surprised more people aren't abusing (Archived)MagnetoWned611/24/2011
3 gameplay changes you want in the next patch (Archived)
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I think I'm done with this game already. (Archived)
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Which trap(s) do you use as Rocket Raccoon? (Archived)Gameesh911/24/2011