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Whats the hit frames for morriigan.... (Archived)zerowest24211/22/2011
Phoenix Wright. (Archived)
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Wow, Dante's pushblock nerf is the most pointless thing ever. (Archived)
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Who's planning on getting the DLC pack tomorrow? (Archived)
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Anybody else's Amazon-ordered strategy guide ship? (Archived)truly_FLCL311/22/2011
Shuma/Nemesis/MODOK's team initials are SNM (Archived)doug12912411/22/2011
Team help? I'm using Amaterasu, Frank West and Arthur (Archived)PokemonNeopets8711/22/2011
Hulk fighting Human Rocket?! (Archived)Ultra Buu211/22/2011
Which team would you rather have? (Archived)TheRushDawg411/22/2011
Do Zero/Strange work well together on a team? If not, replacements? (Archived)DX1900311/22/2011
Anyone wanna play on my friend's stream right now? (Archived)
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C/D: "(character) is good if you know how to use him" is a valid argument > (Archived)
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My "New" Team - Vergil, Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider (Archived)LordZero2007311/21/2011
That was nice of them to make a game starring Wesker. (Archived)
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Does anyone know where I can find the Leaderboards theme? (Archived)XGenkaiX311/21/2011
Fancy Vergil combos? (Archived)SSJ_Jin711/21/2011
Are Phoenix Wright's evidence pick-ups supposed to be random? (Archived)xshobu811/21/2011
Where is Frank best? (Archived)
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Not sure I understand how matchmatching works (Archived)Tokyo630411/21/2011
So I have a bit of a scrub/noob question here. (Archived)
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