Here comes a new website! (that I made)

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3 years ago#1

After I missed out on the registration for KVO (big tournament in Japan. see topic entitled "I'm so pissed right now"), I decided that there needs to be a site where people can easily post and find tournament info, so I made it. The main page allows you to filter tournaments by time, game, and region, and to post new tournament info. It's open for anyone to post to, and you can even post about online tournaments if you want.

I'd like to show off the site at the upcoming KVO tournament in Japan, so I'll be working this week on increasing the number of tournament postings and also the site layout/design. If you know about a tournament that is not listed then by all means please contribute.

Also, as I said, the layout/design is still a work in progress, but please give me your feedback or just spread the word.
3 years ago#2
I'd really like some feedback or suggestions from you guys. I've only talked about the site here because this is the main board where I post and I want to make the site as good as I can before I try to promote it more.

I'm gonna go to KVO this weekend, which will be streamed by iPlayWinner ( I believe the UMVC3 event will stream some time around noon EST on Friday. If I can manage to make it onto the stream, I'll give shout outs to anyone who posts a comment on
3 years ago#3
I looked at the site on my phone and it wouldn't let me see the "time" or "region" tabs in full view. It just veered off to the left. But looks cool. I would add some color and graphics though.
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