Sex and nudity? Or just a big tease?

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This is just pathetic. Just because there's no actual nudity, some of you won't be getting the game?
Sounds like a kid who just hit puberty...

Has nothing to do with seeing boobs. I'm married, I can see boobs whenever I want. Gaming is my main hobby and I want to play games that are edgy and push the envelope in every way. Violence has been done about every way possible, but sexuality / nudity in games remains taboo.

I want to play a game that actually dares to go down that road.

Anyone who thinks it's just about boobs is missing the point.

Actually because you are married you have to ask her first.
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I actually agree with the TC's sentiment.

Its lame how the industry will make something like this- a game thats knowingly gaining probably 95% of its attention from selling its sex appeal (with the remaining 5% being diehard Suda fans) , yet predictably will not give us any goods at all, other than some panty glances.

I'm not saying they should make it into a hentai, but some naughty wardrobe malfunctions/photo gallery type stuff would be nice. Splatterhouse went there with full on nude pin-ups of its eye candy (even if it was an awful game). Heck, Heavy Rain went there. (its no mistake that Madison can go take a shower and the camera will full on stay with her throughout, but Scott Shelby doesn't get the opportunity to do the same.

C'mon devs, if you want to sell us on on sex, at least give us the goods. (and this comes from another 33 year old married guy, whos seen tons of real boobs, and real porn, who just wishes devs wouldn't wuss out on this stuff.)
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seashell bikini was all worth it

This gif saved me $60 XD
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"i'm proud of my hot bisexual wife. what do you have?

A giant winged-horse that whisks me into the sky.

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