Sparkle Hunting - Best Spot to Farm for Platinum Medals

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3 years ago#1
3 years ago#2
I thought YOU were going to tell US lol.
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3 years ago#3
My suggestion would be stage 3 the farm. There is that one section that has a field full of explosive barrels. Instead of shooting the barrels make sure you have your power up ready and use it to get multiple insanely easy 7 kill sparkle hunts. That whole stage is great for kills in general IMO.
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3 years ago#4
If you have the patience, the Arcade level (I cannot recall the correct title)

The Elevator video game section, there is a part where you should jump on 4 zombies as a QTE. Instead fail, head left back to the elevator, don't go up.

The zombies cannot enter the pink zone. Aim true, do the X, X, Square move (don't remember the name of the move; low, low, bash. Needs to be unlocked.) Good chance you get a 3 sparkle hunt, 4 is also possible.

Kill remaining zombies, head up the elevator and repeat.

So, if you have the patience, this may come in handy.

(message deleted)
3 years ago#6
I agree with what Demoskinos85 says about Stage 3. There are many moments with multiple zombies, and if you're on Hard or Very Hard you can use any Nick move if you don't have your Star Gauge filled up. The barrel field is the best. I used Nick Shoot for the first 2 mobs, and used my Star power for the final mob of 32.

Use Nick Shake often so you can rack up Gold Medals to buy more Nick Tickets.
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3 years ago#7
In terms of medals for the time spent I've actually found the prologue to be the best area. Taking my time to get the zombies lined up I average 45-50 medals per run (along with 550 or so coins) with a run taking 15 minutes. (Record for me at the moment for that stage is 53 platinum)

Other stages can get you more medals total but for the time spent in it it's the best stage I've found so far (at least for me anyway).
3 years ago#8
I agree with the last guy.
3 years ago#9
any level with a massive amount of zombies in one spot that has a checkpoint after it.
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3 years ago#10
EvolutionBaby posted...
MrFroon posted...
If you have the patience, the Arcade level (I cannot recall the correct title)

I tried that yesterday and I honestly wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Unless someone really, really sucks at Sparkle Hunting, farming medals from the game normally is faster. On my second playthrough of the game Stages 1-5 all averaged times of 25-45 minutes and I easily got more than 30 platinum medals from each of them.

The Elevator mini game part of the Arcade nets 4-8 Platinum Medals every minute by killing the respawning zombies on the button sequence area, which would be 100-200+ platinum medals in the same amount of time you posted.

I mean it's really not that hard. Go to the ledge hit B to jump and then hit the wrong button or don't hit anything. Then do the AAX combo. Go back up the elevator and do it over and over. I unlocked basically everything I had left doing this.
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