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How do you find out what dads high score l is?? (Archived)zymmys32/1/2013
Throwing a hail mary ...... (Archived)omgimazombie91/31/2013
How to get a certain song? (Archived)TKDBoy188921/26/2013
international zombie hunter achievement question help please (Archived)aheroafake11/24/2013
Chainsaw... (spoilers?) (Poll)SupaCaleb041/18/2013
Does anyone know what Juliet is saying in her cheers? (Archived)Berabouman31/15/2013
I would like to thank this game for my greatest accomplishment in gaming. (Archived)Zero Beat21/15/2013
Any way to remap the buttons? (Archived)chopsueyside21/15/2013
Dragonforce song (Archived)CelestialArceus21/11/2013
Bunch of questions about this game (Archived)Berabouman51/7/2013
Lolllipop Chainsaw or Oneechabara (Archived)masked_yazoo51/3/2013
So there is no way to alter the aiming sensitivity for the Chainsaw Blaster... (Archived)SilentGamerGuy212/18/2012
For those who like Zed the Punk Rock Zombie or the boss music (Archived)ramseanGoodbye212/7/2012
Question about killabilly (Archived)abbylover1312/2/2012
Death Battle:Juliet Sterling vs. Stubbs The Zombie. (Archived)GameKing59211/28/2012
**** ZOMBIE BASEBALL (caps) (Archived)ThirtyThr33211/23/2012
What Dark Purveyor was your favorite? (Poll)
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Amazon - $19.99 (Archived)gobuffalo30310/30/2012
Stuck after the Wrecking Ball (Archived)Ninjamiroquai110/28/2012
Is there an option to turn off glitter, stars and rainbows? (Archived)
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