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The obvious choice for a sequel: (Archived)
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I feel like Juliet would fit in to dead rising nicely (Archived)Kuebel3357/30/2012
this game is nuts (Archived)Kuebel3397/28/2012
Lollipop Glitch? (Archived)Haywire_Hakaze37/27/2012
Ask PFFRBT (Archived)mudelledge47/24/2012
Trading Pre Order Skins (Archived)roadugg17/24/2012
People do know Tara Strong does more than Twilight Sparkle right? (Archived)
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I've met Juilet (Archived)
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Costume trade.. (Archived)cjyoungjr97/18/2012
Do you get any additional costumes for getting both endings? (Archived)RyanJMcD37/17/2012
Any plans to release the Pre-order bonus costumes in the marketplace? (Archived)
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Quick question about getting the good ending. (Archived)RyanJMcD47/16/2012
I want this game...but don't wanna pay for it (Archived)Saxon77/16/2012
"What's your favorite color, Nick?" (Archived)En Sabah Nur47/15/2012
Trading Jimmy Urine costume, looking for Goth or Rockabilly! (Archived)YamiDragoon77/15/2012
this game is better then i thought it would be (Archived)batslayer00747/14/2012
I find it funny and sad that.... (Archived)
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TALL TALL TALL I wanna be TALL TALL TALL (Archived)Thegreatlark47/11/2012
In Which level do the sea-shell and pink biker suit become available? (Archived)Undrtaker37/11/2012
this game just looks stupid (Archived)
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