I'm so tired of murdering Germans.

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4 years ago#1
Maybe I'm biased, because my father's family are originally from Germany, but come on... It's unoriginal at this point, if nothing else. It wouldn't be so bad if they had the campaign broken into two parts, where you played as a Finnish then Wehrmacht sniper from 1939-1942, then from 1942-1945 you were British, American, and Canadian snipers.

Finland and Canada may not seem like major players, but Canada's always had some of the best snipers. Finland had a guy named Simo Hayha fighting against the Russians, and he tore them up.


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4 years ago#2
im tired of germans killing jews in the 30s & 40s so i go back in time via video games & end that s***
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4 years ago#3
I don't know if you even played the original Sniper Elite, but you spend most of your time killing Soviets. :P

And yes, Sniper Elite V2 is a remake of the first game.
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4 years ago#4
^no it isn't.

Sniper Elite V2 is set around the end of the war where you have to kill the Nazi scientists behind the V2 rocket program, before they are recruited by the Soviets.

So yes there will be Russian killing but there will also be plenty of Natzi killin
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4 years ago#5
Sorry, but blasting Nazis never gets old. It was fun in Company of Heroes, it was fun in the Saboteur. I'll be fun in V2. Trust me. Nazis are the ultimate historical villains. They will always be fair game in video games, movies, etc.
4 years ago#6
Fighting the Germans doesn't bother me so much since this IS a WWII game. What bothers me more is that in modern movies, it seems like it's always the Russians that we're against. I imagine people in Russia watching the movie and being like "Ugh! Again!? We haven't even done anything to you in years! Why so mad!?"
3 years ago#7
I just hope this game is not the start of a overload of WWII and WWII games.1 every once in a while is ok.so nobody tell the people behind medal of honor that u r dying to play this game.who know what they will throw out at us.
3 years ago#8
^ sorry I meant WWI and WWII.
3 years ago#9
How many WWI games have there even been, save for some strategy titles on PC? As for WWII there's still plenty of ground that can be covered, even without an Axis campaign. Problem is that pretty much every WWII game on consoles is some generic corridor shooter set in '44-'45 Western Front.
3 years ago#10
Not gonna lie, Hayha was a boss. Probably the best sniper who ever lived.
Almost makes me believe there could have been legendary ww2 soldiers like in the mgs series XD
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