Bullet to the Knee = Death?

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4 years ago#1

just watched this video, never played the 1st one, but did anyone notice he kills the captain by shooting his knees?!
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4 years ago#2
The bullet broke both femur bones. Looks like that kinda damage will be a kill unless he ends up laying there injured.
4 years ago#3
Pretty sure that the shattering bones, or the bullet itself severed some kind of artery in both legs. One of the quickest places you can bleed out..is in your thighs, because of how much blood travels there to get to those big ole muscles.
4 years ago#4
with current games like CoD or BF3 giving you hit markers for upper torso shots..... be afraid that Sniper Rifles should always be one hitter quitters at any range!

Up until yesterday ....this SLEEPER title has me drooling; since I thought the original 2005 release was such a masterpiece even though the console was gimped. Overall, the new engine is amazing and just oozing over the x-ray kill cam....YO I'm pumped that true sniper power is back!

I'm also very intrigued over possible co-op , or multi-player match types.
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4 years ago#5
A sniper round going through both legs and shattering bones, would most likely hit veins and/or arteries and cause blood loss
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4 years ago#6
He's probably Achilles' cousin, Knee.
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4 years ago#7
The shattering bone would likely sever the femoral artery causing him to bleed out
4 years ago#8
whatever the case, the gore factor of sniping is amazingly detailed since NO other shooter has attempted this type of realism....

It's about time that players of all ages witness a degree of what happens when YOU pull the trigger; as opposed to + 100 points, flashing LEVEL up, and body just falling down!

As a side note: WaW had some gore but it's the same arm or leg from generic explosion....so after awhile it gets old!

I think pulling offa fantastic pressure shot in this game is rewarding for the killcam...IMO
It's the classic "Tortoise and the Hare" story where the Hare is the 360, the Tortoise is the PS3, and Nintendo is the cheetah!?!
4 years ago#9
Maybe the X-Ray doesn't just occur on kill shots? I remember in an interview they mentioned the idea of wounding a solider to draw out his comrades into the open.

That seems to be what the video is depicting. The player obviously singled out the person of highest rank and the two closer soldiers did rush to their his aid (some how ignoring the gunshot, but whatever).

Maybe the scoring system or whatever determines the intricacy of the kill-cam not only takes into account the damage done but also the importance of the person killed? I dunno, just an idea.
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4 years ago#10
A wound like that would absolutely kill you in WW2 and with the medical technology they had at the time. Even now, your odds would be VERY slim. It would take a miracle to survive a beautiful shot like that with a battle rifle round.
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