wheres the gore?

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3 years ago#1
i mean when ppl blow up they dont fly in the air like a rag doll and look like nothing happen to them,it even says it has gore..r they talking about the xray shots? if so that kinda blows

hopefully the fullgame has gore cuz im getting this
3 years ago#2
Body parts don't fly off if that's what you mean. Not CoDWaW. The most is xray and blood speckes after a grenade.
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3 years ago#3
The only body parts you can take off are fingers. The killcam more than makes up for it though.
3 years ago#4
I remember watching a video where developers said they had to tone down the kill cam because people found it too gory. IMO, they should have left it as realistic as possible, if the whole point is to make you think about what you're actually doing to these guys when you shoot them. I'd rather be shocked, if that's their goal.
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3 years ago#5

bodies dont fly in the air unless there sitting on a bomb bodies are flesh and it absorbs the majority of the energy from the explosions and a .30 cal round will not blow of limbs unless its a finger or a toe and remember this demo is atleast 6 months old if not older so im sure alot as changed in the final version 2 weeks and we will find out

3 years ago#6
When you shoot a guy in the head there is a pretty big sized hole coming out the back of his head. Sort of like RDR.
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