Should I still pick this up?

#1llimbremovalPosted 5/4/2012 11:09:05 AM
So I had the game pre ordered through my local Gamestop (They are not getting it in till tomorrow) and I was just wondering what you guy's thought i should do. I was a huge fan of Sniper Elite 1, and had high hopes for this game. But it's all sounding a little worrying.

I have been reading lots of different opinions about it and all and all it sounds like it's still a good game. Just not what we were all hoping for. (linear, more close quarters, stealth does not work so well, ETC, ETC)

And with all that said, I was wondering what you all think i should do. Should I go ahead and pick it up tomorrow (generally there are very few games I do not enjoy, no matter what it is i will have fun with it) or should I wait a little while till it drops in price and put my pre-order money towards something else? (like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection)

thanks allot for any replies!
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Pick this up. It is still lots of fun.
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llimbremoval posted...
I was a huge fan of Sniper Elite 1

Yes I would get it
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Was like you but gave in, I just kill Hitler and don't regret buying this game at all. There is one level where you are trying to protect a spy [ from a rooftop ] and the Russians are trying to kill him was awesome.Also, I had Germans flank me at times, very cool. NOTE: it may get old for some [ the kill cam ] but for me never... I have the first one and like the 2nd one too..
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Thanks allot for all the replies, I was probably going to end up grabbing it either way, now I feel allot better doing so!
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get this...sleeper hit...