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3 years ago#1
Anyone had a really great looking demo kill that just made them yell out with glee? On my third playthrough playing on Sniper Elite difficulty I was up to the part where you have to shoot the explosives to stop the convoy. Instead of waiting for the Doctors truck to get beside the second explosive and just blowing it up like I did the 2 previous times, I instead shot the bomb early.

The trucks were still moving so I thought I had messed something up so I frantically lined up a shot on what I hoped was the Doctors truck and fired. My bullet flew down and hit a soldier sitting in the truck in the side of the head. The bullet exited out his neck and spun incredibly right into the bottom of the Doctors jaw shattering it. Talk about an epic 2 in
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3 years ago#2
sounds epic!! i want to try that
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3 years ago#3
OP's does sound awesome. :D

I just got a 5020 point two-for-one kill... it was kind of odd. I'm not entirely sure why it was so much, besides maybe the distance.

It was the beginning of the demo area. Two enemies lined up, somewhat. Both crouched, but the one in back was the one I was aiming at. The guy in front was maybe 8 feet closer, but slightly to the right. Both enemies were looking to my left. My bullet went through the closest Nazi's lips (somehow a killing blow?) and caught the other guy in the rib. The bullet ended up hitting a car behind them, and the camera kept staring at it (through the car) as it bounced around, I guess.


I also somehow managed to shoot a grenade on a dead body, when I missed an enemy. I haven't been able to re-create it since.

Edit 2: Okay... I was shooting the spade. Some enemies have a grenade on their front belt.
3 years ago#4
I was picking guys off in the starting area and managed to hit someones testicles, that made me cringe.

Then I hit a grenade belt and blew up 3 guys.
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3 years ago#5
My favorite kill thus far was when I was taking out a patrol. I kinda waited a bit to line up my shot and as I shot at him, it went into a slo-mo kill cam and there was a guy right in my face with his MP40 as the shot went off.

I knew right away as soon as it came out of the camera view I was gonna have to switch to my Thompson, run backwards and kill him quick. Barely survived that one.
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3 years ago#6
Mine was the sniper laying down on the roof. I shot him through the head & the bullet traveled through his body & it even showed the deformed bullet come out in the leg area.

That was pure nasty seeing it travel through his head, chest, torso & exit the upper leg!

I just went...OH WOW...OW!
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3 years ago#7
Best I got was a 3 for 1 on the starting patrol group. The bullet flew and hit two in the head; then it ricoched off one of the destroyed cars and got the other in the chest. It was pure luck, but it was cool to watch.
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3 years ago#8
i've shot the grenade 2 times, but MY FAVORITE is the Nut shot, it shows both nuts & just watched as they explode :D LOL i then said "instant buy"
3 years ago#9
Bullet went through one soldiers chest, came flying out his back spinning like crazy and flew right into a grenade on another soldiers belt, exploding it and killing him and one other.
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3 years ago#10
Buddy came over, so I busted it out to show him what he was missing. First sniper at the start killed him and was on the first floor of the broken building. Second time came back checked out first floor nothing, told him to look around the building because they spawn in different location, found him kneeling in the open, no $?@& his first shot went through both testicles of the guy just exploding them in slow motion ..... Not gonna lie it hurt watching that shot.
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