Frustrating as Hell

#1krashoverridePosted 5/6/2012 11:47:43 PM

Anyone else frustrated with this game?   

I am playing on Sniper elite an I am having a hard time finishing this game.  Its not that is too difficult or anything.  It is just the game mechanics,  On elite, enemies have incredible accuracy from the other side of the map, not to mention know exactly where you are.  And, the snipers appear only when you progress forward.  Making it impossible to scope ahead before you move. 

I believe I am on the last level.  I just sniped a tank with noise mask yet all the enemies still know where I am at.  I kill them, then a sniper appears gets a shot on me, then another and another.  Its a poorly designed game.  its only saving grace is the xray/kill cams, and overwatch.

#2Governator00Posted 5/7/2012 12:45:54 AM
I beat the game on Sniper Elite difficulty without TOO much trouble. That last bit I think I died three times. Just keep trying and you will eventually get it.
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#3krashoverride(Topic Creator)Posted 5/7/2012 1:23:06 AM
Yeh I just beat it. Game was ok. Not as good as I was hoping it was going to be.
#4LapanuiPosted 5/7/2012 1:42:07 AM
The last level was stupid... I died so many times because there was a sniper I was unable to hit and it's in the building opposite of where you drop down, the building with all the Soviet Union Banners.

He could shoot me, but when I tried to shoot him it would make out as if I were shooting wood, but it was blatantly in open space on his head because I could see his head. I managed to get him after I had taken out all the other snipers and footsoldiers, I had to move to a different spot on the other side of the map to be able to get him...

Such a frustrating mission...
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