Will the real slim shady please stand up?

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3 years ago#1
Weird game mechanics by the devs. You lay prone and get a good shot off. And he automatically stands up making me getting shot and he refuses to lie down again. Horrible design flaw.
3 years ago#2
Never had this happen to me.
3 years ago#3
Never happened to me either.
3 years ago#4
Make that three people so far where it hasn't happened...

So far, there is no real slim shady...
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3 years ago#5
It happened in the demo as well. I though it was a glitch but it has to be by design. I know its not my controller since I dont have this problem with other games.
3 years ago#6
Where exactly? Everywhere? Certain places? Details girlfriend.
3 years ago#7
I haven't gotten this game yet but it never happened to me in the demo either.
3 years ago#8
Doesn't happen to me either.
3 years ago#9
this never happens to me.
Gt: UsefulCarnivore
3 years ago#10
It happens sometimes. It happens when you release the aim button while watching a xray shot. He stands up and he refuses to go prone unless you walk a few steps.
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