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3 years ago#1
...sorely disappointed in this game?

Loved the original, as I think many of us did.

But this game (and I've only played three levels so far) is lacking. The first three levels feel exactly the same. Boring.

And there is just about no way to be on elite level and be stealthy.

Too bad.
3 years ago#2
the first 2 levels look similar, but the 3rd looks so different, and also i find it very easy to be stealthy on sniper elite, welrod and masking
3 years ago#3
It gets a lot better during the second half of the game.
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3 years ago#4
i take back what i said, the last couple missions there is basically no stealth option.
3 years ago#5
I agree. This game doesn't have much going for it besides the kill cams. The last game had a lot of different things to manage. You could walk, there was a camo index, there was limited health, there were side missions, and there wasn't a handholdingly stupid UI telling you exactly where you needed to go in real space. The compass was plenty.
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3 years ago#6
Im pretty surprised it turned out this poorly, especially those cramped and tiny playspaces.

Also the complete lack of any really long shot opportunities was really disappointing. I had a 1039 yard shot on the airfield area of the first game. I think my absolute longest shot on this game has been something like 289.

I like the new polish on the game, and the added elements of the cover system, X-Ray killcam, stealth takedown, tagging and rangefinding through binoculars, etc...

However the concessions being made are too large. The game is just far too linear, and really dropping the camo index and adding regenerating health hurt this game. Also making the SMG's basicly worthless was ridiculous.

If I can work out how to hit a guy in the eyeball at 250 yards in high wind, drilling a dude five feet away with a Thompson should be a feat I could do blindfolded. The game already punishes you with low scores for SMG kills, I see no logical reason that they would make it so you have a damn good chance of dying if you use them because they are so horribly inaccurate as well.

I feel like if a gamer wants to go through the game with a Thompson or MP40, let them. Make the guns perform as they should. They arent going to knock any scores out of the park, but if they enjoy it, isnt that the real purpose of the game?

And for Christs sake, get that eagle eyed AI fixed. I mean, if I cant even see the enemies without bringing up my binocs or scope, how they hell are they seeing me with the naked eye while Im sneaking or crawling? Its like my scope passes over them and they all have Spider-Sense.

I relocated after several shots, crawling the entire way, staying out of sight, and yet when I use the camera to look over the top of what im hiding behind, I see that the enemies are somehow still firing in my direction, even though there's no way they could see me move there.

I still find enjoyment playing the game and making good shots, but it isnt anywhere near the caliber of game (see what I did there.....) it shouldve been for these new consoles going into their sixth year.
3 years ago#7
Great analysis, Wallcrawler.

In the first game, if all you did in the hour and a half you played was kill one guy (the primary target), you felt like you accomplished something. The entire time was enjoyable.

In this game, it feels as though there is no real way to act like a sniper.
3 years ago#8
The biggest thing I noticed is that there is no game world abstraction. I don't really feel any connection to the game or characters. They are all like bowling pins, and the main character is a nobody without a personality. The world is boring. Even towards the end, I was on top of some kind of artillery tower, and a plane on fire flies over head and you're just like "watevs." It makes almost no sound despite it being several meters from the tower. There are a lot of details like that that really bring this world down.

It seems like the only reason to play this game is to finally have a sniper rifle with gravity/wind compensation and to watch people get shot while xrayed. Besides that, this game is utterly lack luster.
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3 years ago#9
All the enemies are copy/pasted, I've killed a few who look exactly the same as the main character, it's like I'm killing his evil twins.
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