Anybody remembers me?

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3 years ago#1
Been quite a long time since I've really posted much on this board. I think MW3 was just a bit of a sell-out to me. It isn't much compared to the feeling I had with Black Ops, you know. Just checking if there still are some people who know me, still play this game.
You can call me napalm, because I'm coming in hot.
3 years ago#2
Hey Koeke. :)
*Matthew 18:21-35*
"Brothers to the End"
3 years ago#3


3 years ago#4
Wii MW3 Ally code: 3527-3107-9886 - Handherps
3 years ago#5
Hi Koeke, wassup?
3 years ago#6
Didn't you post in December or something
3 years ago#7
Heya guys! How're y'all doing? You guys still play this game?

Lol, Jyat, 'sup man?

And yeah, I've posted on here a bit around the game's release, but around January I kinda stopped playing MW3 and any other Wii games in general, actually. Just been lurking around here sometimes, til now.
You can call me napalm, because I'm coming in hot.
3 years ago#8
PSN: oBirdPwNz- <- LOL
3 years ago#9
I do remember you. I think I deleted you off of my ally list though.
MW3 ally code= 0576-5236-8807
3 years ago#10

oh uh well.....i went no as in " i do kNOw you" :3

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