Glitch or reality?

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User Info: boxdude123

4 years ago#1
I stuck a semtex to a assault juggy and he didn't die. I that a glitch/hack or is it normal? - Results (10 votes)
30% (3 votes)
70% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
If this is normal, I need to add one the my class! Thanks
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User Info: QualiT

4 years ago#2
uh juggies are supposed to die if you stick them with semtex.
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User Info: Cubfan082

4 years ago#3
there are glitches invovled with the semtex in that past that have allowed you to live if you were able to put the semtex into a wall before it blew up, it is random and uncommon to survive it, but it can happen.
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