In the 22 and a hlaf days I have played this game......

#1QualiTPosted 11/7/2012 1:15:42 PM(edited)
Not one single teammate of mine has ever gotten a MOAB (except for teammates I have been partied with).

Yet I stumbled upon 3 consecutive games today where a MOAB was in the process of being dropped (2 of them were blantantly hacking though).


And yes that is alot of time xD

EDIT: should say half and not hlaf... eh.
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Play more GE or kick cubsis's bud.
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#3TQ_NintyNoEPosted 11/9/2012 3:19:37 PM(edited)
This wasn't by any chance someone called x_oTempTed_x?

I joined this guy, didn't seem like he was cheating, but did fire the MK14 like it was a machine gun and also very accurately- very quick trigger finger. As I joined the lobby people were already talking about his previous MOAB. I was on his team the next match and he got 37-0 with a MOAB in about 4 minutes.

He was talking through his microphone, running a very in-depth commentary about his profile stats and weapons, but his headset speaker was broken and he couldn't hear anyone else. I congratulated him on the match and he said "I can't hear you if you're calling me a noob". Kinda seemed like he had some sort of aspergers or something. Fantastic player but sounded like he was a bit demented, like he was playing a real war game and it really mattered or something and that he had to run a commentary even though he wasn't directly talking to anyone.

I can tell he wasn't cheating because when I played him I stopped him getting a MOAB countless times and managed to get him when other cheating people turn around and get me beforehand.
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