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since when...? (Archived)Orochimaru9561/12/2013
who wants to join KD clan (Archived)bryanbarahona1211/6/2013
how do you know you are hosting... (Archived)
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Do lots of people still play this game? (Archived)
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What are your settings? (Archived)XG4Legend21/4/2013
Spec Ops (Archived)MrBIGsmile31/3/2013
a little glitch last night:) (Archived)Orochimaru9581/3/2013
So I'm still the best hacker? (Archived)
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Please Read!!! (Archived)Rage5575820312/29/2012
Anyone wanna join Space bound clan? (Archived)DJ_Taco212/23/2012
Now I remember why I stopped playing (Archived)_SNUZ_612/16/2012
tried to play this again, but yes, im always hostquitting now. (Archived)double0steve412/10/2012
Why do launcher missle sometimes act weird in this game? (Archived)LeonHarker212/10/2012
RAF:"If you want to resume remain on topic edition" (Log 1120 to 1620) (Archived)
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so i see this community is dead. (Archived)
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Spamming Sentry Guns is Full of Lolz (Archived)CSPAN3612/5/2012
kanga (Archived)double0steve712/5/2012
This game looks surprisingly improved on the WiiU. (Archived)Imperfect_Dark2212/3/2012
Joining ally's parties - Issues (Archived)
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Caved in and rented a copy of MW3 Wii to replicate the control settings for BO2 (Archived)Arcanine2009311/27/2012
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