Could someone give me a summary of all(if any) news?

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A friend told me about this when it was first anounced, i just have not had any time to do any research. I also got a few questions... Are the original four going to be in the game or will they make some sort of reveal. Does the game take place on Pandora, or if not where? Also is there any information on classes/characters? Thanks, in advance.
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* 5 years after the first game
* the four original vault hunters are nps's
* only new class so far is salvador the gunzerker
* gunzerker class skill is the ability to dual wield any 2 weapons
* new element is Eridium which can augment your weapins
* Eridium is also a new form of currency
* ai is much much smarter this time around
* artifacts are being revamped
* claptraps will return
* ummm the game is going to be FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

There is some stuff that I know I'm forgetting but its 4 in the morning and I only got a quick chance to scan the article while I was at work today. Next shift I have at Gamestop i'll be able to read it in full. There was something about Tedior guns that was pretty freakin cool though that I can't seem to remember...
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Thanks for the info, it all sounds great. Also that duel weilding idea sound great. I would just love to duel weild some nice revolvers.
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Isn't it something to do with throwing them down as makeshift nades? And like how many bullets are left in the mag determines the size of the explosion?
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*Sees it prefaced by "re" and ended with "ed."*

Oh God damn it... D:

Also, the skill is just like the class skills in the first game: Temporary. So he will only get to use a second gun while that mode is active, then revert to a single gun when it runs out.

Which is disappointing, honestly. I really wished that the dual-wielding would be a "regular" skill for the Gunzerker, and it would be that he could dual-wield EVERYTHING (except maybe Snipers), and just couldn't zoom/use "iron sights," while everyone else could dual-wield as well, but be limited to single-handed weapons, so they'd be limited to Pistols/Machine Pistols/Revolvers (and MAYBE SMGs, but not likely, since the Hellfire was one of the best freaking guns in the entire first game)...

Sadly, I guess I'll probably be disappointed... D:
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Isn't it something to do with throwing them down as makeshift nades? And like how many bullets are left in the mag determines the size of the explosion?

According to Game Informer, each gun manufacturer (ie. Vladoff, Hyperion) has a unique look and trait associated with it. The one you're talking about is Tediore I believe. They are the "disposable razors" lol. Clip is empty, throw it down like a grenade, sacrifice the ammo left in the clip for a bigger explosion, and a new one with a fresh clip spawns in your hand. Sounds pretty awesome.
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Gi just released some info on Sal's skill tree

Divergent Likeness - If you’re dual-wielding two weapons of the same type, you’ll deal bonus damage. Dual-wield weapons of differing types, and your accuracy goes up.

Down, Not Out - In the first Borderlands, no action ability was able to be used when you were on the brink of death. If you have this bonus activated in Salvadore’s skill tree, however, he can dual-wield in his final moments.

Overheat - No matter what gun you’re using, its rate of fire will continue to increase as long as you hold down the trigger.
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How are you relevant you are just words on my computer screen.
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Also, guns will have more detail, and you'll understand what the gun does by what company it was made by, unlike the last game (I bet you don't even know who Vladoff is)
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The gun manufacturer stuff is nice, but there is no way in hell i'm using Hyperion guns. Ok i can't promise ill stick to that.
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