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User Info: TheBlueFalcon

5 years ago#21
"Dr. Ned gave me the following awards this year: best dancer, most helpful claptrap in an emergency situation, and best kisser."

"I never was as good as my totally-not-the-same-as-me brother, Zed."

"I'm back. Wait, I'm back? *sigh* Damn it..."

"Are you eating a sandwich!? You're the sound guy! We can hear that!"

"Tonight, I shall have eggs."
w..(^ ^)...w ..........You just got
.\__W__/ .............CTHULHU'd!

User Info: Lil_Ze

5 years ago#22
"I'm gonna skin ya, put on your face, and say Hi to your momma!" - Psycho
"I used to have magic resistances. Then I took an arrow to the knee." So funny, huh guys?! HAHA... :l

User Info: Seekcro2010

5 years ago#23
between sigs

User Info: kickblocker

5 years ago#24

surprised no one said it.

"Hey look at me everybody, I'm dancing. I'm dancing!!"

User Info: DeathMetalPizza

5 years ago#25


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