Any idea when the collectors edition becomes available for pre

#1flamingdragonPosted 4/14/2012 12:00:51 AM
Google returned no clear results for me. Thank you for any info you can provide.

#2Zombie_Socks_96Posted 4/14/2012 6:39:51 AM
Probably as soon as they release a press statement of everything that will be included in them, so far we just know a couple things and everything else is still under wraps.
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#3FullMetalNarutoPosted 4/16/2012 12:47:26 AM
Best bet would be to keep an eye out on the Gearbox forums. I always believe that the source for the most part has the best info. ;-)
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#4Grogg555Posted 4/22/2012 3:18:56 PM
I preordered mine at gamestop like last week
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#5Ninja_GaignunPosted 4/29/2012 4:15:44 AM
Grogg555 posted...
I preordered mine at gamestop like last week

No, you didn't. All we have is a price of $150, a bobblehead, and a loot chest for a case. We don't know the rest.
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