should i get part one or wait for part 2???

#1getitnow1245Posted 5/2/2012 7:02:21 AM
i been looking into this game and was wondering if i should get part one or wait for part two, if all i want to do is play for single player ? and i also heard there is a new game plus and i enjoy playing new game + in games so is it worth it ??? or wait for part 2

if i get part one it will be GOTY
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#2GujinKamiPosted 5/2/2012 7:28:57 AM
I heard you're better off waiting for part 3 honestly.
#3devak108Posted 5/2/2012 10:02:23 AM
You should absolutely get Borderlands GOTY edition. BLands is one of the best games of this gen and the DLC is fantastic. Single player or co-op, it's awesome either way. Plus 2 is still several months away so you can definitely finish 1 several times before 2 releases.
#4Zombie_Socks_96Posted 5/2/2012 2:05:09 PM
If I remember correctly Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition is like $20 so you might as well just get it. It will be a great way to pass the time till part 2 comes out.
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#5BassmanfunkPosted 5/2/2012 2:09:54 PM

Go get Borderlands right now. Seriously it's that good!

#6FillyPhlyersPosted 5/2/2012 5:07:02 PM
I would definitely get it. It's pretty cheap for the GOTY that comes with every DLC. Also, it will give you a good gauge to how much you'll like the new game and, if you don't like it, you won't be wasting $60 on a game you don't like.
#7EvilAshTwinPosted 5/3/2012 1:59:00 AM
Dont let the MP buffs get in your head. This isnt some military FPS where the SP is only worth 4 hours of game play, and the rest of the time is spent in MP.

BL1 easily has 100's of hours of gameplay in its SP. So far there is no evidence to suggest that BL2 is going to be any different. Like someone else pointed out, the GOTY edition of BL1 (which includes all the DLC) is relatively cheap, so why not pick it up if you have the means. As for BL2, is it worth the new game price at release date? Personally, I think it is, even if you have no intention of touching the MP.
#8rationallunaticPosted 5/3/2012 6:50:49 AM

You could get part one now, and it can keep you busy until September, when part two comes out.


And GOTY is like 20 bucks, what's the downside here?
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#9getitnow1245(Topic Creator)Posted 5/3/2012 7:09:52 AM
ok thanks everybody great advise am picking it up soon
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#10devak108Posted 5/3/2012 8:42:05 AM(edited)
^Wise choice man, you're gonna love it I bet. It covers all the bases- Satisfies that "I want tons of gear" RPG hoarder factor, it's totally hilarious (seriously Scooter is one of the funniest characters in any game ever imo), it has tons of replay value, unique art style, on an on an on.. It's definitely on my short list of best current gen games.