Free skins and heads if you have Borderlands save data

#11That_Guy42Posted 7/7/2012 6:13:47 AM
^ Top hats, top hats everywhere!

I MS painted one onto Zer0, wish I had the skill to make him wear a tux...
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#12DarquePosted 7/7/2012 8:45:57 AM
That's awesome, I can have Tanis' head on Maya and be justified in running around in bat**** crazy mode.
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#13vogelkackePosted 7/7/2012 2:26:32 PM
im all for free stuff but they can keep their ugly costumes to themselves

why cant they come up with something original ?
#14Four SkullsPosted 7/7/2012 4:01:07 PM
I hope that there are some skins that aren't simply re-colors of the original outfit with a logo or something.
#15Assassin_X_GethPosted 7/8/2012 11:21:56 PM
I think the skins are hideous. >.< Why not give additional "cool" skins for the players we will be using? Or how about Claptrap skins.
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