Who is going to be your favorite manufacture?

#21z0mbin3_81Posted 7/23/2012 6:27:02 AM
I like the new design for Jakobs weapons with the steel engraving like old west guns. Perfect escalation of the design from one. The new take on Tediore is neat aswell so I'll enjoy that.

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#22Bob_EsrockPosted 7/23/2012 11:35:45 AM
Jakobs and Maliwan will probably be my favorites.

I'll like guns from all of them though, just like the first game.
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#23DigitalIncisionPosted 7/23/2012 12:27:36 PM
Always Jakobs.
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#24GigabomberPosted 7/23/2012 2:48:15 PM
tediore and maliwan look pretty cool this time around
#25kel25Posted 7/23/2012 4:08:31 PM
I'm surprised so many people are saying Jakobs. It seemed they were mentioned the most when it came to least favorite manufacture.

My favorite in the last game was S&S Munitions so I will probably be a fan of the new bandit manufacture. Hyperion was another one I really loved.

Maliwan was the company that I really had a love hate relationship with. Most of their stats were awful but I loved the elemental effects.