why are people complaining about free dlc

#11DarkDemon373Posted 7/21/2012 12:22:14 PM
craiguk37 posted...
People think they are entitled to more than they should be.

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#12PensatoPosted 7/21/2012 3:42:46 PM
They're not complaining about free dlc. They're complaining about a business model they disagree with. Granted most of them don't really understand the full details and are being a bit silly in their complaints.
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I hatez th3 freee DLC!!! Iz not far3!!!! YARGH!!!!!

lol. I don't understand it either. We don't get free DLC to often on Xbox so I love free DLC. Not to mention Gearbox even said they were GIVING it to us for being amazing fans.
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Sczoyd posted...
The only reason to complain about it would be if you don't pre-order it, but anyone complaining now should be pre-ordering it instead.


Nail squarely hit on the head.
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People are upset that if you preorder you get the Mechromancer for free on it's release? Seriously? Someone is actually upset a company is just giving something away like that for every preorder.
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I'v only seen 1 guy complain on the official boards because he hated all the pre-order exclusive and Edition exclusive DLC.
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Some of the comments on that link made my brain weep... Some people can just be so overwhelmingly stupid and selfish.
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