Thinking that an FAQ should be put up

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I suggest a sticky topic about the raven.
They're not going to say no because of the implication.
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From: The_Heap | #010
It was a good template, but it was needlessly opinionated, awkwardly written, and filled with misinformation.

As long as it just gets the basics though, to cut down on the topics made constantly asking the same exact thing.
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How about a sticky that just says:
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Last one was full of wrong, contradictory and pointless crap. Faq writers make the mistakes of thinking people want to read their 'wit' or opinions.

Literally list ACTUAL faqs with answers and links. That's it.
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I wrote mine with how I'd want a FAQ written in mind. I felt that it was pretty concise, given the topics up for discussion.

If y'all didn't like it, I apologize. But I'm not going to conform to your opinions; you can take mine or leave it, and make your own.
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