Would it be wise to wait on getting this game?

#21ThirtyThr33(Topic Creator)Posted 8/20/2012 12:12:34 PM
I caved and dropped $5 to lay down my preorder for this one as well.
Saving the whales-an agenda for some. Nuking them sits well with me.
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#22BangMyWang2006Posted 8/20/2012 12:34:54 PM
I'm getting day 1, but if you could wait, I'd at least see if there's any Black Friday deals. By then, the cheaper price can justify any DLC costs. Unless you just don't have ANY interest in playing a new game when it first comes out, then just wait for the inevitable GOTY edition a year later.
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#23nickybhardcPosted 8/20/2012 12:40:54 PM
finish BL 1 then get it.
BL 1 will keep you busy a while
#24dooyaunastanPosted 8/20/2012 12:46:49 PM(edited)
In my opinion, picking AC3, Dishonored, and Halo 4 over Borderlands 2 is a mistake.

Borderlands 2
Hitman Absolution
Far Cry 3
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