Three Legendaries.

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User Info: legend253

4 years ago#1
All info comes from Sir Hammerlock's introduction video, around 2:50 or so.

Weapon Type: SMG

Req. 11
Dahl Deft Emperor
flavor text: you know...for him
Dam: 56
Acc: 91.3
FR: 5.5
RS: 2.5
Mag: 39
Shock dam/sec: 30.7
Proc chance: 10.0%

Burst fire while zoomed.
Highly effective against shields.

Weapon Type: My guess is Repeater or Revolver (see the mag size)
Req. 11
Vladof Rapid Infinity
flavor text: it's closer than you think! (no it isn't)
Dam: 73
Acc: 90.7
FR: 8.0
RS: 2.2
Mag: 1

Weapon Type: Shotgun
Req. 11
Torgue Sinewy Flakker
flavor text: Flak the World!
Dam: 61x3
Acc: 64.9
FR: 0.4
RS: 3.8
Mag: 10

Deals additional explosive damage.
Consumes 4 ammo per shot.
+100% fire rate.
+10% weapon damage.
GT: Lord Avon (if you wanna play Borderlands, message me)
"Ow, what are you? Seth's sister?
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