What does everyone think of my Maya build?

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4 years ago#11
Given Ruin and Chain Reaction, I'd think that you could say that Suspension is the best thing going for you, since it gives you more time to shoot at the enemy and do crowd control.

However, I'd personally strongly suggest Kinectic Reflection in its place, especially when coupled with your Blight Phoenix which requires that you be near aggressive enemies in the first place. 50% damage reduction, and all bullets that the nearby enemies fire at you move to damage another enemy? That'd make you a pretty useful distraction for your team.

Otherwise, I think that's a pretty solid build.

I mean, depending on your weapon, Flicker may be better than Reaper, but on a team, being able to target all the highest-health enemies would be fantastic for all but kill-skill streaks. Solid build.
4 years ago#12
4 years ago#13
It worries me that I haven't seen a single person put Res in their build. That, to me, is completely essential if you're going to play with friends. Also note that you forgot to factor in the one point for Phaselock.

If Restoration is anything like Cauterize, you're not gonna need more than 1 in it, especially if you have Sweet Release.
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4 years ago#14
Tru_Navarone posted...
*puts on Kapowski hat*

OMG, such casuals
such a casual build for a casual class
all post above me are from casuals, and the same goes for those that post below me
Always doing the casual with the casual on the casual because the casual casual casual casual... casual

you didn't say Casual enough
4 years ago#15
When does the build calculator come out? It's gotta be soon right? It will make these topics a lot easier to get into.
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4 years ago#16
I'll let you know when the game comes out.
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4 years ago#17
People on this board seriously don't know what theorycrafting is, do they?
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The Heap is short for heap of BS ~Slyfox729
4 years ago#18
This build looks pretty solid. Personally, I'll probably spec my Maya a little more down the Harmony tree.
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