Can some one explain to me the relationships between the characters?

#21PFiction24Posted 9/7/2012 7:24:45 AM
Each character was supposed to have a reason for coming to Pandora besides the Vault.

Roland was a Crimson Lance soldier who's squad died when he was abandoned by his superior and wanted revenge. His commander was provably Commandant Steele.

Mordecai had friends who were killed by the Lance, and he wanted revenge on their commander, again probably Steele.

Lilith was supposed to track down a rouge Siren, who based on their tattoos, was Steel. (Noticing a pattern?)

Brick was looking for his long lost sister and the only woman in the game who's as tall as him is Steele.

The back stories were most likely cut because when the character finally finds the person they came to Pandora for...
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