Who's taking off the 18th from work?

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4 years ago#1
I'm going to try.
(message deleted)
4 years ago#3
Yep I already have the day removed from my schedule :)
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4 years ago#4
I'm not working yet so I lucked out (:
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4 years ago#5
17-21 Using Personal hours.
Getting paid to play BL2.

Kick ass!
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4 years ago#6
As much as I love BL this isn't the type of game that I would take off work to play. I'll be getting it day one but won't get to play it till after work.

BO2 I'll probably burn through some PTO though.
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4 years ago#7
I start my classes the 17th.. so I'll probably go to class, come home, go to work, work the midnight release, then play until my morning class... It's gonna be an interesting couple of days.
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4 years ago#8
House husband, so will be home for it!
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4 years ago#9
In college so nah. Oh well lol.
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4 years ago#10
i used my vacation hours for it, since i have something else going on the same week.

house sitting my fiance's parents dogs for the week, because theyll be out of town. and ill be going to the highland games on the weekend.

so me taking vacation time for something else turned out to be a good week for something else.
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