What setting/story would you like in the first DLC? (like Zombie Island)

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a James Bond spoof culminating with a moonraker esque mission on either the moon base or the H shaped satelite

Someone get Gearbox on the phone. This sounds fun as hell.

Yeah it does. All of the ones that I was thinking of when reading this site were kept local to the planet because none of the DLC ever leaves Pandora. If they could work in a reason to go to another planet though, that would be fun..doubt itll get worked in though.
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The Moonraker parody and theme park DLCs sound great!

At community day, Gearbox said their first DLC involved something similar to Jabba's sail barge in Return of the Jedi. I'm hoping it takes place on some sort of giant desert cruise ship with indoor and outdoor areas.
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The only thing I could see wrong with the Bond stuff I suggested is they would be competing with Austin Powers to be some what original but I really dont think that would be too big of a hurdle seeing as how they could take that as even more source material
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Don't worry, gearbox is already watching.
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experimental weapons facility.

like seriously crazy stuff. throw in a few portal/half-life references and cal it a day.