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4 years ago#1
Looking for people to play with that want to enjoy and have fun.

my GT is: forkboy315
4 years ago#2
Add me if you want to play. Ill be on most nights and sometimes during the day.
psn: kcl72900 Gamertag: DarthCameron
4 years ago#3
I like to look at Borderlands as a one man show. Having other people shooting targets that my guns are aching to fill with bullets is not right.

ps. don't add me
Dark sorcerer, king of dark intentions, sensual pleasures pirate, constant hankering for honey, sprinkly toes thrillseeker extraordinaire.
4 years ago#4
Add me, ProdigyLI. I will be on Tuesday night after work.
4 years ago#5
I'm building a borderlands 2 community! Id love for people to add me and join! (In sig!)

GT: DiscipleOfFir3
4 years ago#6
GT in sig
I have to wait till the 21st :(
GT: sampoelala
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