Hoping next playable character isn't an NPC

#11StaticPenguinPosted 9/15/2012 5:30:24 PM
I wouldn't buy any DLC that featured an NPC as a new class. That would feel like a lame cop-out.
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#12Eternal KPosted 9/15/2012 5:55:36 PM
Now I dunno all of the NPCs that are making a come back, but some of the ones from the first game, if they aren't in BL2, could be fun. Helena Pierce could have an action skill based around her robotic half (although that might be a little too close to the Mechromancer) or Crazy Earl could have an action skill related to his pet skag.

I wouldn't want to play as any NPCs who are involved in this story, but if there are ones from BL1 that don't make a repeat appearance, they could make interesting PCs if they're handled correctly.
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