Midnight release at your local Gamestop/BB/Walmart etc ?

#1dantegt4Posted 9/15/2012 8:17:28 PM
and if yes, are you going ?
#2Last VampirePosted 9/15/2012 8:18:06 PM
Yes and yeah.
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#3ssj954vegitoPosted 9/15/2012 8:20:23 PM
Yes and yes
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#4snakeyes01Posted 9/15/2012 8:28:17 PM
Mine gamestop is not having one sad face :(
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#5Superman5588Posted 9/15/2012 8:28:55 PM
As far as I know, no. I'd love to go if it does have one, though.
#6CrayonmuffinPosted 9/15/2012 8:31:16 PM
OH yes.
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#7nro87Posted 9/15/2012 8:32:31 PM
I went in last week to find out, saw the sign saying they were, and walked back out. The guy behind the counter just looked at me like I was crazy.
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#8aheedthegreatPosted 9/15/2012 8:40:16 PM
Yes and no, got work early Tuesday so I'll just pick up my copy on the way home.
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#9jmyoda10Posted 9/15/2012 8:41:02 PM
Steam ftw. Don't even have to leave my chair.
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#10ated505Posted 9/15/2012 9:22:17 PM
jmyoda10 posted...
Steam ftw. Don't even have to leave my chair.

God forbid you'd have to do that!
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