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User Info: Bokugo

4 years ago#11
there should be an enderman boss
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User Info: pttp_co_nr

4 years ago#12
No Spoilers tag? What the heck dude!?
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User Info: ChaoticNonsense

4 years ago#13
DaltonM posted...
It's real, here's a more reputable source, albeit a terrible one...

"According to a thread on reddit"... Yes, so very reputable.

User Info: Shy420

4 years ago#14
Minecraft is the new zombies
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User Info: SamieFish

4 years ago#15
Thanks for ruining the easter egg. The point is to find them. You could have just put easter egg in the title.

User Info: Epic_McDude

4 years ago#16
I hate Minecraft.
"Fight for them, then, and die for their sins!" -Dracula, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
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