I'm jealous of you midnighters.

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User Info: effs420

4 years ago#1
I'm stuck on an overnight shift working in an emergency room.

Getting this in the morning. Add me for laidback, mod-free, douchebag-free gaming at its finest. GT: MisterE420
I even poked my eye out and let my cat scratch my chest up, shaved my head and now I'm looking for a homeless asian guy to brutalize over and over. --EyeofSagat

User Info: yomi52

4 years ago#2
im jelly too

User Info: Finixsoft

4 years ago#3
I'm working a 12 hour shift tonight. Can't be over fast enough.
If you don't feed a troll attention eventually it starves to death. Forgive my spelling. Fat fingers, small phone.

User Info: dcastro91

4 years ago#4
Even worse I have school at 8 am till 9 at night.But i cant skip because, Test in the morning and a one in the last class.... =(
PSN - Dcast_SD

User Info: Diz44

4 years ago#5
I too am also working an over night shift at a hotel dealing with about 50 drunk bikers. The minute I get out I'm going to pick up the game. However I am also doing another overnight shift tomorrow too. But I get to bring my xbox into work when I do overnights. I also bring in my 24 inch computer monitor.

User Info: Unpure_Euphoria

4 years ago#6
I won't have it until the 25th at the earliest. Everyone be jelly of me.
GT: iAmTheTot - No, really, I am.
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  3. I'm jealous of you midnighters.

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