Anyone else got a free cardboard ad box at Gamestop midnight launch?

#1YeloazndevilPosted 9/18/2012 1:03:14 AM(edited)

I was surprised they even gave it out was only 3 at the store I went to
#2ZeroCool000111Posted 9/18/2012 1:06:59 AM
I didn't go.
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#3ZakurooPosted 9/18/2012 1:07:31 AM
Yeah, they were giving them out as prizes at my store.
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#4slysaltPosted 9/18/2012 1:09:44 AM
Yep, i got that one that's in the first pic.

Was kinda surprised too since i almost never won anything and i was kinda sad when i didn't get a poster.
#5GoombaXPosted 9/18/2012 1:10:54 AM
yep got the big one
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#6VixenofVenusPosted 9/18/2012 1:13:05 AM
I didn't get a box ... I did get a Borderlands 2 Calendar.
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#7murphman4343Posted 9/18/2012 1:23:55 AM
Heh. I showed up 10 minutes after midnight, and was handed these :

seriously, I walked in and the store was empty. One of the dudes behind the counter said, "Want a free poster?" I was slightly shocked, but I said yes anyways. After giving me a poster, he asked, "Want a box, too?" and literally threw an unfolded giant promo box at my head. After I caught it, he asked for my ID and receipt, which I thought was hilarious, since if I had just wandered into the store I would've gotten all that free stuff even if I hadn't bought the game!
#8Yeloazndevil(Topic Creator)Posted 9/18/2012 1:26:03 AM
free stuff is always nice
#9vigorm0rtisPosted 9/18/2012 1:30:26 AM
No, because my backwater hell town doesn't have midnight launches. Damn you, small town America and your normal business hours!
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