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Anyone figured out how to get to the dahl chest on the first floor?
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i was wondering about that too,.
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Actually just did this with a friend. Face the cell with the Dahl chest and turn around, there is a ladder on the right hand side. Climb it and follow its path until you see a railing and three pipes going toward another room across from the landing you are on. Jump over the railing onto the three pipes and go into the room. There is some minor loot but you want the circuit breakers. Turn them all so they are red and all the cell doors will be opened. Jump down and enjoy the loot.
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where is this ladder. I see no ladder
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UptonPickman posted...
where is this ladder. I see no ladder

He's talking about the Dahl chest in the prison cells at the Bloodshot Dam. I have yet to figure out how to get into the Sanctuary chests yet myself.
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To open this chest, you need to continue through the main quest and go through Jacks 3 hurdles in the quest 'Where Angels Fear to Tread'
After that the quest 'Bearer of Bad News' becomes available. Then when that is finished you are given access to Rolands Armory (the locked room)