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4 years ago#1
Hey guys! First off, I love this game.

That being said I have a legendary rocket launcher I would like to trade for something of equivalent rarity, preferably a sniper or pistol/revolver.
PSN: Zombi_Fried_Man
4 years ago#2
PSN: Zombi_Fried_Man
4 years ago#3
Pics with Stats or Didn't Happen.
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4 years ago#4
smolo82 posted...
Pics with Stats or Didn't Happen.

I can't take a picture of it right now but it's called the "Puissant Pyrophobia"

The stats were like 2545 dmg, 87.3 accuracy, 1.8 reload speed, can't remember the rest.
PSN: Zombi_Fried_Man
4 years ago#5
Not posting level reqs.

should probably post everything about it if you want requests
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