Kill yourself quest?

#1RzR666Posted 9/21/2012 1:15:51 AM
So pretty late into the game, Handsome Jack gives you a quest to kill yourself by jumping off a cliff for a reward, there's also a button so that you don't have to kill yourself, are the rewards any different if you do either?
#2CorporalGiroroPosted 9/21/2012 1:17:19 AM
Does he actually just tell you to kill yourself?

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#3nilla151Posted 9/21/2012 1:18:00 AM
So far I killed myself for luls. Handed jack calls you his ***** and gives you some eridian I haven't gotten to that quest again yet so I didn't get a chance to do the other way ut my buddy is close to that quest so when I join him tomorrow I'll see the alternative
#4luke_nicholsPosted 9/21/2012 1:19:03 AM
I didn't kill myself and got the posted reward still.
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#5RzR666(Topic Creator)Posted 9/21/2012 1:21:48 AM
Yeah, I chose to keep myself alive, so if you kill yourself, you get 12 eridium, if you don't, he calls you a coward and you get 3x the XP you were supposed to get.