Zero law and order

#11Rafahil19Posted 9/21/2012 6:31:01 PM
Damn it, how could I have possibly known that Law would later on have such a there any other way to get a Law? I sold mine long ago....
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#12blackcat_0_1Posted 9/21/2012 6:45:15 PM
Order is obtained by completing the BFFs side-quest. It can be found in front of Scooter's shop once you progress the story enough.
#13Ice3urg(Topic Creator)Posted 9/21/2012 7:27:28 PM
I have been using that combo since lvl 25 when I got order. My Law on my True Vault Hunter play through is awesome. Does like 4k damage. Can't wait to get order cause having only 1300 shields this late in the game is rather difficult.

My play style so far with it is to deception back stab a dude then circle him while slashing with law. Get bonuses for moving while attacking, plus crits if I can get them, plus additional dmg if I can get to their back. The health regen is enough so that I only die if I get knocked back and can't get to the enemy fast enough. Also, I get mad second winds while roid raging on the ground with the enemy standing over me.
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#14shadowknight93Posted 9/21/2012 7:28:30 PM(edited)
I accidentally sold my law. Would anyone be willing to give/duplicate one to/for me?
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#15shadowknight93Posted 9/21/2012 7:52:06 PM
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#16pastaman2232Posted 9/21/2012 7:52:37 PM
yeah, i've been using the same combo since i figured it out. it's amazing.

law = quest in sanctuary where you find who killed the dead man on the ground
order = later quest in sanctuary where you find who in this group of people stole the group's loot for themselves

law is actually a pretty good gun and if you're melee-ing you can lifesteal tank so much. if you ever get low, use deception and then get a max damage backstab, you'll recover all your health.
#17Krumpus299Posted 9/22/2012 11:29:06 AM
The Sheriff dropped a second Law for me, just a heads up
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#18Blizzard09Posted 9/22/2012 11:32:22 AM
I use Law aswell. Love it, best gun I have found so far. Hits hard, shoots fast, reloads fast, and has 100% mellee with it. whats not to like.
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#19LobukPosted 9/22/2012 6:38:12 PM
What's the stats on True Vault Hunter mode' Law? I haven't gotten mine yet.
#20premier024Posted 9/22/2012 6:54:55 PM
did not know that i sold them both when i got them guess ill wait for ng+ for them.

Sucks bloodshed is amazing but having tons of trouble with it in ng+ was gg in first run thru.
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