Legendary Class mods and Badass Points

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User Info: pandabosch

4 years ago#1
2 things that I'm not sure are common knowledge.

1. There are legendary class mods that you can get from loot boxes. I picked up a Siren class mod on my level 50 Zer0

Legendary Siren Class Mod
Cooldown reduction 37%
Gun Damage 25%
+5 Ward
+5 Accelerate
+5 Minds Eye
+5 Flicker
+5 Foresight
Increases Movement Speed by 45% while using Phaselock

"[Giggles] I'm Really Good at This"

no joke guys tell me how to take a screen shot and I'll probably do it.

2. Loot continues to level past 50 based on your badass points. I'm not 100% on this but pretty sure. If you tip Moxxi enough to give you Good Touch at level 50 then get a couple more Badass tokens go back and get another it should be better than the previous gun. If you get 2 guns in a row without getting any badass points in between they have the same stats.
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User Info: Christopher_CCC

4 years ago#3
which loot box eh?
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User Info: Masemune_100

4 years ago#5
I freakin' want that so damn much.
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User Info: Veluxier

4 years ago#6
Screenshots are PC only, I believe...
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User Info: pandabosch

4 years ago#7
Damn yeah I thought this was the pc boards. Anyways I found it in one of the boxes at the end of the Hyperion Wildlife Exploitation Preserve trying to farm Skullmasher.

User Info: pandabosch

4 years ago#8
I got a screenshot in case anybody felt like drooling.


User Info: Yuenku

4 years ago#9


Nice find TC!
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User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#10
Wow, that is GROSS.
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