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4 years ago#1
Okay just completed the quest-line for Mal in Eridium Blight during by first play through and the weapon I received was a pistol called the Action Fibber. This gun is awesome if you guys haven't tried it.

Here are the stats for my particular gun as per card

Damage 118*1
Accuracy 98.5
Fire rate 30.6
Reload speed .7
Mag size 64

Red text "Would I Lie to you?"
+50% melee damage
+50% love
+3000% damage
Firing increases accuracy

In reality
Damage varies between 1k and 4k depending on target.
mag size is 14

I thought it was entertaining and figured I would share and am curious as to what the real stats for this gun are.
4 years ago#2
+50% love is legit, bro
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4 years ago#3
That gun disappointed me so much. I was so stoked when I saw a pistol with 4k damage...then I used it. The stats are all lies, sorry fibs.
4 years ago#4
As of right now it is the best pistol I have as of right now and combined with zero's deception and bloodshed tree the weapon rocks.

Sorry that yours turned out crappy what where the stats on the gun card as that might make a significant difference?
4 years ago#5
Mine did over 6000 damage and had a clip of 1029. Come at me, bro!
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4 years ago#6
was that listed damage and mag size or actual damage and mag size
4 years ago#7
Mine does over 4000 stated but when ricocheted it does 6000
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4 years ago#8
Lucky guy. I can't remember the name of mine, but it was the playthrough 1 version, it did 42 damage but it had all the same percentages. It was hitting enemies for roughly 500 damage per hit as well as a nearly guaranteed corrosion effect.
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