Where are all the Corrosive weapons?

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4 years ago#11
Around level 20, they're all you find. Especially for shotguns.
4 years ago#12
the only corrosive weapon i have is th smg i got from moxxi
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4 years ago#13
probably in my backpack or bank...at least that's how it seems. all i seem to find is corrosive weapons. i'm level 33 zero and doing the end game stuff now and i would kill for a better shock weapon than the 216 damage level 23 dahl pistol i'm rocking to help deal with the stealth field snipers when i'm waiting for deception to cooldown. for whatever reason shock weapons were what i seemed to find all the time in bl1 and now they are the one element i can't seem to ever find in bl2.
4 years ago#14
Sounds to me like elemental weapons are more prone to drop once you reach certain levels.
I first saw Explosive then Fire and just recently started seeing Shock.I've found one corrosive shield but no weapons yet.

Guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed.
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4 years ago#15
They're rare at low levels. I got lucky and found a corrosive pistol at around lvl 14-15. Robotic enemies were giving my teammates a hell of a time, while I was just chewing through them with this dinky little pistol.
4 years ago#16
I got a Hornet off Knuckle Dragger in the first area. I've read some others say they got their first Orange off him.
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4 years ago#17
You get a corrosive pistol for doing a mission for Tiny Tina, and Moxxi's Bad Touch is a good corrosive SMG.
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4 years ago#18
Good effing questions. I just hit level 19, and just found my first slag sniper. It was in a machine. I've seen the same amount of corrosive. Just one. The slag weapons didn't surprise me coming at a later level, but I'm surprised to have seen only one corrosive.
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