Showdown, Defend Slab Tower, and Demon Hunter. How do i flag these quests?

#1Katashi1Posted 9/27/2012 2:51:23 PM
These are the last 3 quests in my log that i don't have, anyone who's done them can you tell me where you got them?

I hope i didn't miss them, thanks for any help/info.
#2delano3779Posted 9/27/2012 2:53:45 PM
Showdown is in lynchwood
Slab tower is in thousand cuts
demon hunter is at the sanctuary bounty board

I think thats where you get them correct me if im wrong
#3delano3779Posted 9/27/2012 2:56:37 PM
also a tad bit more info (too low to edit my posts)
you get showdown from the bounty board in lynchwood after doing all bricks stuff there
and the slab tower one brick sends you to one of his men in thousand cuts and he gives you it
and to get demon hunter you need to do the dukino quests in lynchwood
#4Katashi1(Topic Creator)Posted 9/27/2012 3:04:09 PM
Quick hasty response, if i could give you karma for your helpfulness i would.